Best Car Rental Rate – Finding the Best Car Rental Rate Isn’t Rocket Science

Some people are under the impression that rental car rates are set in stone, this is especially the beliefs of the rental car agencies. Most of the time discounts are numerous and deep if you just now how to find them and to take advantage. These tricks to getting the best car rental rate aren’t rocket science, they just take time and thought. Most of these discounts can be found simply by taking the time to do a little research. Rental agencies are eager to rent out the cars that are not actively being rented all the time. After all just like the hotel offer special pricing option for rooms that are empty, rental agencies understand that cars that sit on the lot are not making money for the company. In fact when a car is not being actively rented on a regular basis it costs the agency money by having to keep up the maintenance, taxes, License, and insurance for a vehicle which is not being driven. Here is the best way to get the most for your car rental dollar.

First I reiterate-Do your research, You can do this a number of ways, by phone in person or online, which is easiest. Its important to compare rates on similar vehicles from different agencies. Don’t get too hung up on brand, remember you are not buying this car your only using it for a limited amount of time so even though your a Chevy person, if another agency has a great deal on a comparable ford why not take the deal and get the best car rental rate you can. Another good idea is check the rental rates for your car while booking the airfare and hotel rooms on one of the name your own price services. They can often negotiate a better deal due to bulk pricing that you can even with the best researched discount.

Second-Book early and book often. If you can set the details of your trip several months in advance you will get the best deal. They will offer you a better deal also if you are willing to lock in the rate with a non refundable deposit, even more if you are willing to prepay the whole trip in advance. Also if you have a company that you find yourself using on a regular basis see if they have a frequent renter program, or see if your airlines frequent flier program lets you use points toward a car rental deal with a partner agency, a lot of times the best car rental rate can be had by bundling.

Third-Book Late and don’t be picky. A the time of your trip approaches check with the agency and see If they are offering any mega discounts on excess inventory, a lot of times they will be willing to offer you as much as half off your original order if you will let go of the popular vehicle that you reserved and take a less popular one of similar quality and features, that hasn’t been rented recently. Again, the key is here to get the best car rental rate, you have drive a midsize sedan the same as you can a large luxury car for a few days, right!

Lastly-Pick up your car in town. Picking up at the train station or Airport will add extra charges to your fees. These combined surcharges can almost double your pick up and drop off fees. The best car rental rate almost always involves picking up a car in town especially at a location in a downtown or shopping district will save you these fees.

I hope these tips help to save you some big buck on your next trips car rental fees. Have a great trip.