Finding the Best Car Insurance

So you got a car, now what? Well, you need to get some nice floor mats and some dice for your rear view mirror. Then, just gas up and go, right? Not exactly. There is one major thing you missed. You must buy car insurance. It is against the law to drive a car without car insurance. Even if it wasn’t the law, it would be a really bad idea if you didn’t have car insurance.

Without insurance, a little fender bender could cost you a pretty penny. If you hit someone else, you could end up paying them a lot of money for damages. Insurance is a way to protect you when something goes wrong. It insures that in the case of an accident, you are covered. Of course, this doesn’t mean no matter how many accidents you get in and how much it costs, it won’t cost you a penny. For every accident that is your fault, your insurance rates will go up. They go up because your insurer looks at you as a greater liability. You just got in this accident so you are more likely to get into another.

Now that you know you need insurance, you need to go out and find the best car insurance for you. Don’t rely on t.v. and billboards to tell you what insurance to get, and don’t just look at the price either. First, decide what kind of coverage you need. If you have a brand new, very expensive car, you will probably need a lot more coverage than if you had a 20 year old beat up car.

Next, you need to shop around. Click the link a few paragraphs down to get a free quote from the top car insurance companies. The cost of your insurance will depend on many factors including your age, gender, driving record, car, and credit history. A 20 year old male will pay more for insurance than a 40 year old women, even if neither has had an accident because males below 25 get in accidents more often. This makes them a greater risk to the insurance company. Don’t let this discourage you. Eventually, as you spend years driving with no accidents and a clean driving record, your rates will go down and you will begin to qualify for discounts.

Discounts, such as for safe driving, are a great way to save money on insurance. Also, students and senior citizens can get discounts as well as those who take defensive driving courses. Don’t necessarily shoot for the cheapest insurance. It’s better to go with better coverage. If you end up in an accident and you aren’t covered well, you’ll still end up paying more in the long run. Work with your insurance provider to get the best possible policy.