Get the Best Car Insurance For Rental Vehicles Abroad

It is important to realize that the same laws and regulations in your home country may not apply across the globe. If you are heading overseas for that long overdue vacation, make sure that you understand the difference in legislation between your home country and holiday destination. One important aspect in this regard is car insurance. Unlike in most developed nations, car insurance is not mandatory across the globe. The rental car that you may be driving in a foreign country may in fact be uninsured thereby opening up a host of legal implications for you.

Many travelers place their trust fully in their travel agent, car hire company and hotel concierge. But if you do not ask the relevant questions and do you own research ahead of time, you could walking a legal minefield when you drive abroad. Car insurance not only protects the vehicle owner, it also protects the driver. And if you are buzzing around in unknown territory in a your rental vehicle, you will need as much protection as possible as you may be at a higher risk of an accident than the local drivers.

Rental cars are not your property but the implications of a traffic accident while you are behind the wheel can lie solely on your shoulders. Car insurance should protect you against these eventualities but without insurance, you are open to litigation that could turn a pleasant holiday into a nightmare abroad. It is always important that you ask your rental company if their vehicles are insured. It is equally important to look at any additional cover that can protect you. While your main focus is the cost of vehicle damage, both to the car you are driving and any other cars involved in a traffic accident, you should also ask about public liability.

In the event that you knock a pedestrian, damage private property or injure the occupant of another vehicle in a car crash, you may be liable for the associated costs. This could easily run into large sums of money where permanent disability, death and extensive property damage is involved. Usually the liability in this regards would be paid by the public liability portion of your car insurance policy. But without insurance on your rental vehicle, it is you as the driver who is responsible irrespective of the fact that you are not a citizen of the country.

Most of us holiday on a budget these days. Given the tough economic times, we still want to experience the joys of a vacation abroad. But even if you are on a tight holiday budget, do not forsake essential car insurance cover on your rental vehicle that could financially cripple you or even cause you to see the inside of the local jail. Ensure that you top up with the best car insurance cover that you can afford. You may have to forsake some of the holiday luxuries but at least you can enjoy your vacation without fearing the consequences of an accident.