The Power of the Best Car Deal

Car dealers will do their dead level best to get you to buy a car from them that day.


Because it drives the sales managers nuts to think that every day that goes by that you’re not at their dealership, you may be at a competitors dealership buying your next car.

Getting the car deal is in large part about you staying in control of the entire car buying process and having the ability to walk away is your number one defense and weapon. So don’t give it up.

Car dealers will even offer to find and get the car that you are looking for if they don’t have the precise one that you want on their lot. If this comes up, remember that in order for the dealer to make a swap with another dealer and go get the car, there is going to be some type of expense incurred by the dealer in order to accomplish this. Because of this, it may make it a bit more difficult to get your absolute best car deal under this scenario, so you may want to leave and find your car at another dealer.

Keep in mind that a dealer would much rather reduce their actual on hand inventory and therefore you may find it easier path to a good car deal if you negotiate on a car the dealer does have sitting on their lot.

Now here comes the part where most all car buyers make a critical negotiating error.

You’ve done all your homework and you’ve finally found the car you want to work a deal on and it’s on dealer’s lot.

The salesperson puts everything together and then invites you to make an offer… do not make an offer.

Don’t be the first one to offer up a number. The rule of thumb when it comes to negotiating your best car deal is… whoever speaks first… loses. So let them start the negotiating process.

Tell them that you want their absolute bottom line, out the door, price.

Have all your research and paperwork in hand. In fact, you carry with you a little folder of all your information on the pricing of the car itself. This will send a very strong signal that you know what you’re talking about, you are a serious buyer, and that you know how to go about getting your best car deal.

Don’t be afraid to tell them that if they do in fact produce the best car deal that you can find, that will will be buying a car from them. Which you will, because that’s the whole goal here.

But make no mistake about it, the salesperson should be well aware that you are not only an informed buyer, but you will also be shopping around. So, the numbers they offer you, better hold your attention.