What Are the Best Car Models to Buy Pre-Owned?

Everyone has different needs in a car, so it’s a challenging question to answer, “what are the best car models to buy pre-owned. ” A pre-owned car purchase should be within your budget, clean, comfortable, safe and have good engine reliability. Researching the various priorities online will help you decide, and specific needs, addressed below, will give you an idea of some of the best car models to buy pre-owned.

When Safety is a Priority

The Insurance Industry for Highway Safety conducts auto crash worthiness testing each year to determine how well a vehicle protects occupants in a crash. Autos are ranked by four tests and are given the category of Top Safety Pick, good, acceptable, marginal and poor. The four tests are:

  • High speed front crash
  • Side crash test
  • Rollover test
  • Evaluation of seat/head restraints for protection against neck injuries in rear impacts.

In the luxury car category, Volvo and Buick have been well known for their safety ratings, although you can find top safety picks in all sizes of cars. Check the IIHS website for the Top Safety Picks for crash endurance for every size and model of car.

When Gas Mileage is Important

Sometimes when you replace a car with a pre-owned auto, the reason is to exchange an auto that does not have good gas mileage for one that does. For some drivers who commute to work more than 20 miles or travel for their job, or even do a lot of in-town driving, the more miles to the gallon, the better, especially with gas prices increasing every year. There are several high efficiency gas mileage cars, although they will usually fall into the smaller car variety. The Hyundai Sonata gets up to 35 miles per gallon, and the Honda Accord can obtain 33 mpg, with both in the mid-sized car range.

When Style and a Comfortable Ride are the Goal

A beautiful car to show your style and get an awesome ride at an affordable price is a Buick. With everything from the smaller family sized Buick Regal to the SUV style Enclave, and the Lacrosse and Lucerne in between, Buick’s offer a smooth, comfortable ride with a luxurious style without the price.

When Durability Matters

With several models of cars from the very fuel efficient and relatively inexpensive Civic to the more stylish Accord and the Odyssey mini-van, Honda is a good overall pre-owned car to purchase. Honda’s can last a long time because of their well-built engines and body styles, and may demand a higher price because they are so reliable and have been in the US for a long time. In addition to the most popular models already mentioned, Honda also makes several versions of the Civic and Accord in different styles, and the CR-V and the Pilot – SUV types, the sporty CR-Z and the Insight, as well as the 5-seater Ridgeline, a V-6 truck.

When you have set your priorities for purchasing a used auto and have done your research, it shouldn’t be a problem to find the best car models to buy pre-owned.